What stories do you tell yourself?

Congratulations, you are about to start your journey towards greater business clarity, greater focus and best of all more personal energy, a greater sense of purpose, and a commitment to get out of your own way.

This first video is your permission to sort out – chuck out – and shout out your story. We’ll look at your stories – we’ll look at who’s driving the bus and if it’s not you I’ll show you how to change your story, put you back in the drives seat going in the direction you want to travel.

Watch the first video here.

Listening to me may have made you think, it may have challenged your assumptions and to get the best results from this video you need to do something with this. Through out the series there are short worksheets to get you started on the behaviours and thoughts that will help you get out of your own way. Please download the worksheet.

That’s if for now, remember to check you inbox for the next video in a couple of days.