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Get Unstuck in 90 days

This programme is for established or ambitious business owners only, people who are prepared to do things differently in order to get unstuck. The thing is we when you are chasing your dream, wanting to feel successful and trying to earn a decent living it is really easy to loose your way a little. If this happens to you it can be tricky to spot and correct alone.


So how do recognise if you’re a bit lost?

For a start, you are probably not seeing the results that you are expecting in your business. In my experience things start to feel harder than they should be, even small tasks become an effort and you can be reluctant to get out there and promote your business. Ultimately your confidence and your conviction suffer. From here there are a few things can happen, most likely is you give up on the dream, plateau and stay where you are, often for years. Alternatively you might make a whole lot of excuses and insist you’re working on stuff while you stay stuck; or finally you might give up completely and return to employment. None of these places are easy to recover from and most often you need external help.

If you recognise any of this in the way that you feel about your business, or yourself, this programme will help. It starts with a focused 2 day bootcamp which is designed to give you real clarity about where you are now, to help you to decide how this fits with what really matters to you and then to get you shifted in the direction you want to go.

It may sound simple but do not underestimate the amount work that you will be doing on yourself and your business. The good news is that the effort involved is far less than you are currently expending on maintaining the status quo in your business.


How it works:

This is an intensive programme that kicks off with a 2 day live bootcamp. Much of the work begins here – this is where most of the direction setting and shift work starts. Following on from this, you will get 6 online classes covering business strategy from the inside out as well as 3 monthly group calls with Lynda.

In addition to this, you also have the opportunity to have a 1:1 development session with Lynda either via Skype or at her office (whichever you prefer) to help you specifically get past what you need to or define more clearly how you will move forward.

At the end of the programme, everyone will come together for a final 1 day event to help you cement what you have learned, recognise and then celebrate your successes over the course of the programme.

The next programme starts in the Autumn and the investment is £1,295.

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