book-92771_640Becoming an expert in your niche is one of the key aims for many small businesses. We want to be seen as the best in the industry, the most knowledgeable and  THE person to turn to when someone has an issue relating to our expertise…we want to become famous for who we are and what we do.

Expertise is defined as: “being knowledgeable in an area or topic due to his or her study, training or experience in the subject matter.” In business we also we also tend to associate it with being successful, known and “at the top of our game”.  But there is a problem with being ‘an expert’. It’s a great excuse for holding back, or playing to your ego, or doing one more training course and many other behaviours that stop you getting out there and creating a successful business.

You don’t get to decide what an expert is; your client and your tribe do this – all you get to do is influence their view of whether you meet their criteria for an expert or not.  You don’t need to be an all knowing finished product, none of us are, we are all work in progress. What you do need is to know your industry, be clear about who you help and what you do for them, (solve their problems, help them achieve their dreams), and you need to be skilled enough to do what you say you will.

Follow these simple three steps to stand out and influence!

Own it 

Get comfortable with what are you putting out there for the world. Understand why you are doing it, how it impacts others and how they benefit.   Whatever you do, decide now, that you are going to totally own it, then stand up and declare it!

Share it

Now you’ve acknowledges it, you actually need to put yourself out there! Step out of your comfort zone and start sharing your message, your philosophy, your contribution, with the wider world.

Prove it

Gather proof to establish that you are good at what you do – not only to show your potential clients, but to also keep yourself motivated and forward focused. Go out there and help others to achieve the results they desire. Get testimonials and reviews etc and use these third-party validations and social media sway as proof of your expertise.

Remember – You don’t need anyone’s permission to be great, you just need to get out there and start!