Overwhelm can hit anyone at any time. Any person who has a dream or goal will experience it at some stage of their journey and, if your business is centred on creativity… it’s the quickest way of blocking that creativity.

So what exactly is overwhelm and, more to the point, how can you deal with it if you’re currently experiencing it?

Overwhelm is the rising panic and worry you experience when you’re feeling snowed under. It’s the thought of not knowing where to start when you look at your “To Do” list. It’s when you have lots of great ideas or project to work through; but feel as though you’re getting lost amongst, and drowning under, the weight… it’s when you don’t feel in control of yourself or your business and your creativity has run a way and is nowhere to be found.

Stop and give yourself time

When you’re experiencing these types of feeling, it’s important that you actually give yourself time to stop and assess the situation. Take time to find the facts – are you taking on too many tasks? Have you given yourself enough time to complete a project? What’s causing the stress behind the overwhelm?

Discover your belief patterns

Is it a feeling or thought that is causing overwhelm? Do you feel as though you’re not good enough? Do you believe you’re not capable of achieving the desired end result? Make a list of what you think and feel around the situation – then write a list of how you want to feel and think about it. Self belief and having confidence in your own abilities is a great slayer of overwhelm… and is great for reconnecting with your creativity.

Prioritise and take action

Finally, break down the tasks and projects you have and put them into manageable chunks. Prioritise them in order of importance and… take action! Keep your focus only on the immediate task at hand and take baby steps towards the end goal of completion.