Prefer to work 1:1? Book a Strategy Session with Lynda

During this time, Lynda will go through your business aims, your longer term aspirations and your big dream, each from the perspective of “what needs to happen to make it happen”.

Depending on your specific requirement from the session, Lynda will help you look at your core values and how they drive or hinder your business and your business presence, then she will help you identify what will make the biggest difference.

Whether you are stuck, cruising along or racing, this kind of in depth reality check will ensure a return on your investment.

If you want to experience working 1:1 with Lynda, book your strategy session today, price start from £750 (+vat).

These sessions can be held at your place of business, but often work better when you are off site. Most business owners choose to meet at Lynda’s office. If you want to include a business partner, or ‘right hand man/woman’ in your strategy session please do. This is about getting you connected to your dream and getting you moving in the right direction at the right speed towards that.