The Top Table Mastermind Group

The Top Table Mastermind Group

Growing a business can be hard work. It can be lonely too. We can feel pulled in different directions, excited about some new thing, but knowing also that we need to stay grounded and manage the business to the best of our ability. We juggle tasks, time and decisions. We catch ourselves procrastinating. We want to move ahead, yet we hesitate. We have to stay ahead of the curve, with one eye on the figures, and another on the future.

To run a business well, it’s useful to just slow down regularly and get the support to stop and think, to consider what’s next and what to do that will serve our businesses and clients best. When you need to make those tough decisions, and keep the momentum going even when you don’t feel you have the energy for it, that’s when you need the back-up ‘team’ – a Mastermind Group can help you to stay the course, and really move forward through your doubts, your excuses and your hesitation.

These groups are for ambitious business owners who work best sharing and bouncing ideas off their peers, who like being held to account and supported to grow and discover. You will be expected to contribute to the group, share opinions and ideas to help each other, and in turn you can expect to have a safe sounding board to air your thoughts, to work on yourself as well as your business, to develop new thinking and to have the power of an intimate group of business owners, facilitated by Lynda, behind your growth and development.

“Lynda’s approach was pragmatic and totally engaging having a profound effect on the way we approached our business. I moved from ‘I know all this but it won’t work for me’ to ‘This process has speeded up my thinking and got me into action’. Her supportive but tenacious manner ensured that the whole group moved forward in developing our businesses enabling the group to hold itself to account for progress.”
– Jane Green-Armytage

How does it work?

1) The group meets face to face every six weeks.

There are usually two parts to these meetings. We have a theme for the day, considering a particular aspect of business development, which will allow you to consider your business in light of the topic. We support each member throughout the discussions to be working on their business and how the theme can be implemented in their business. In addition, each member is invited to share successes and challenges since the previous meeting as well as particular issues they’d like to discuss.

From this list an agenda for the rest of the day is drawn. It is usual for there to be considerable overlap in challenges and areas for discussion meaning issues get covered in depth and with the benefit of multiple experiences. At the close of the meeting each member decides and commits to their actions for next time, giving you some much needed accountability so that you continue to progress, personally and professionally.

2) What happens at the Top Table

Each member also gets 1:1 mentoring with Lynda, a 3 hour in-depth strategy meeting is included at the being of your membership to set direction and get you on the path quickly. After this initial meeting, we do this quarterly thereafter.

In between face to face meetings are live classes with a topic for the class and a live Q&A session. There is a private mastermind member’s forum for people to share ideas and challenges between live meetings. This can provide invaluable support and connection when those little things ‘pop’ in.

In addition, members of the Mastermind Programme also get access to the online Business with Es programme (to really help you ensure you and your business have a presence in the communities you are part of), and Membership of the Business Club, which is full of good information, calls, connections, and has a live meeting quarterly.

Some things to know

There is a minimum commitment of 6 months to this group, and it is for committed business owners only. Acceptance into the group is by application only, to ensure that the whole group benefits and is of a like-minded level to ensure the dynamism and development is maintained to a  high level at all times. There is an ongoing value to being part of this group and many members choose to  enrol for a further period, to get the continued support, learning and encouragement from being part of the group.

6 months membership   £4,500 +vat can be paid in three instalments of £1500 +vat

Members are only accepted after interview with Lynda – this is a high performing group and numbers are capped to ensure everyone gets best value from their investment. Contact for more information.


If after your first meeting you do not want to continue, we will refund your money.