Make Business E'sy

Find out about the five Es that will help you create your real business presence; also get familiar with the troublesome sixth E, the one that will kill your presence if you let it.

This programme starts with a live day with Lynda Holt, during the day we look at where you are now, what you want to achieve and what might be in the way. We’ll then use the Impact Made E’sy model to help you formulate a road map.  Implementation is often the most difficult part so to ensure you stay on track the live day is followed up with six online meetings, each looking at different areas as well as supporting you in a Q&A session as part of the meeting.


Impact Made E’sy Programme

In business, it’s vital that you are seen as you want to be and are presenting the ‘face’ you want to be known for. You need a structure for building your business presence, so you are constantly attracting the people you want to work with and that you know you can help.

The Impact made E’sy programme gives you this structure for showing up in your business and builds your confidence as you work through 5 key steps.

Most critically, it considers and deals with the excuses you make for yourself. And once you are not making excuses, you can grow your business as you really want to.

If you want to grow your business, get more clients and really begin to stand out, you need to build your presence. The best way ahead we know of is to structure your business through 5 key Es. As an overview, here is a quick walk through the model you will be working with. Each E represents a stage in your business to consider

Exclusivity – the people you choose to work with

Expertise – what you have to offer them specifically, both your experience and your knowledge

Exposure – where you need to be and how you get there

Engagement – what you need to do to start a relationship with prospects

Everlasting – converting to clients and keeping them in your community

Throughout this process, we also look at the sixth E – Your Excuses – the things that stop you from achieving what you want from your life & business.

Each of the Es are re-visited in an online class following the event. You work through it systematically to build your business presence and get really clear on who you attract, how you show up, what you have to offer at your own pace. The workbook takes you through a series of questions and exercises to ensure you both understand and apply the principles of the module. You also have the option to submit work for feedback & receive critique from one of the Brave Spirit business coaches.

What you’ll learn and implement in your business

This module is about the people you really want to work, those people you choose to work with, those who will become your best clients – this module will ensure you know who you’re looking for.
Once you have identified the people you want to work with, you need to be able to demonstrate what you have to offer to them specifically, as well as your experience and your knowledge. This module will help you to discover you how to qualify and describe why you are the person they need to work with, what you give them and position yourself as the only choice – so you get more clients.
This modules examines where you need to be and how you get there – we’ll help you identify where your clients are, so you can be out there meeting them, and sharing your expertise in those forums and places. It’s not just about networking with people in your own industry, your people might be in all sorts of places and we need to make sure you are able to find them so you get more chances to work with the right people for you.
This module looks at what you need to do to start a relationship with prospects. You need to have a coherent story to tell, one that shows real understanding of your clients’ issues, challenges and aspirations, and one that offers immediate tangible solutions. We’ll show you how to craft the stories that create engagement.
All important module 5 considers converting people you meet into clients and how to keep them connecting with them. We look at the steps to build long term lasting relationships with your clients and your community.

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Lots of business owners I talk to are finding business tough, they tell me this looking for reassurance that it’s tough for everyone. I find it difficult to agree because I don’t believe business is tough. I think their are some rules to follow – and I’m not talking about legal stuff here or even business school best practice – although these do apply. I’m talking about some personal rules to stick by – do what you love and can get paid for, learn how to stand out in your chosen area and learn how to manage your inner game so that you don’t sabotage your own success.

I believe that no matter how much you know or how much you spend on courses and programmes that promise monetary results by following a formula, success will never come easy unless we get our own mind working for you. Even worse,  you will never feel successful or fulfilled no matter how much evidence to the contrary there is. When you start to manage the excuses you make for ourselves, to look for what you can do instead of what you can’t do, and take action that moves you towards your goals – then you discover our real potential.

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This programme costs £375 (ex vat), you will get a full live day, 6 online classes, live Q&A sessions with Lynda and membership of the Impact Made E’sy forum. You can choose to pay £375 or two instalments of £190 (ex vat).

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the content of this programme just contact us within 30 days and we will refund your investment. We want you to succeed and really get out of your own way, so in addition to the programme we are going to support you in getting going as fast as you can. You’ll get two bonuses when you sign up to help you along:


A copy of Lynda’s book, Get Out of your Own Way, will be posted to you as soon as you join the programme.

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