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Our mission is to help people to get out of their own way, live the life they want, doing what matters to them through the business that they create.

Lynda Holt

Creator, Way Ahead

Author, Get Out Of Your Own Way

Lynda Holt is a thoughtful entrepreneur who is often described by clients and colleagues as inspiring, original, challenging and a little bit mystical – a free spirit. For the last 14 years she has worked with business owners and leaders helping them to banish their excuses and achieve what they want from their business. This is usually a combination of internal work, challenging what you believe, what you accept for yourself; and external work on your business, getting the right presence in the right places to ensure you have enough of the right clients.

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Lynda says

“I believe business is a ferocious adventure and adventures are exciting, challenging, scary, exhilarating; sometimes exhausting and overwhelming. Most of all they are really, really rewarding – you know, that sense of accomplishment from just getting out there and doing your thing. Running your own business SHOULD be scary – it’s about the difference you make in the world, it’s how you fund your life, it’s what matters to you. So be scared and take action anyway – you can’t afford not to.

I believe we all have a unique purpose, it doesn’t matter what it is – just that you live it. The more people that live their purpose the more empowered the world becomes; I want to be part of that process.

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Way Ahead Club

As people we like to belong, we like to know we are safe, and we like to matter. This is why ‘tribes’ are such an important part of your business. As a client, student or member, this sense of community is a significant part of the experience. Way Ahead will support you, look after you and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. You can join the community for free, check out the resources page for a selection of online classes, conference presentations and information. If you like something a bit more interactive, do join us on Facebook or YouTube.

What our clients are saying…


Jane Green-Armytage

Mastermind Group Member – Athena Professional

“Lynda’s approach was pragmatic and totally engaging, having a profound effect on the way we approached our business. I moved from ‘I know all this but it won’t work for me’ to ‘This process has speeded up my thinking and got me into action’. Her supportive but tenacious manner ensured that the whole group moved forward.”


David Andrew

Coaching Client

“Working with Lynda has made me take stock,  I’ve done the same thing for years and got by, now I can see lots of things like identifying my ideal client and targeting them, that will really help me get out of the rut I feel I’m in. It has been a good balance of fun and challenge, thanks.”


Julie Cooper

Mastermind Group member – Spring Development

“I needed to refocus my business, so I joined Lynda’s programme. Lynda is is a real expert in her field, she has a gift for identifying the key issues and where you’re stuck then challenges you to marshal your thinking and do something. I’ve already acted on many things I learned with great success.”


Steven James

VIP Client

“I’ve belonged to groups, been on seminars and done nothing – a friend told me about Lynda, one day with her and I’ve got more insight in to my issues and where to go next than in all the rest put together. It was like something just clicked in my head – I understood why I don’t do stuff and I’m in recovery….”