If your business is not delivering the results you want it is quite likely that you – or your mindset are part of the problem. Get free access to the Success Mindset online course.

Business Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

Brave Scene is a community for ambitious business owners. People who want help to grow their business with greater confidence, knowledge and freedom, people who accept they might get in their own way some of the time.

Often we know what is holding us back – even if we don’t like to admit it, yet we make excuses for ourselves, give ourselves a reason not to do the things we don’t like, don’t find easy or are just plain scared of. The downside of this behaviour is that we can literally stay stuck, often for years, doing the same things, getting similar results and living with the same frustrations. None of this changes unless you do.

Lynda Holt and her team at Brave Scene can help you make that change, through smart mentoring and challenging coaching, they will support and challenge you because before you can work on your business you often have to work on yourself. On this site you can discover your success mindset and gain lots of practical business tips. These will help you to build the business presence you want; and it is only when you have this that you can really start to make confident, focused actions that get you unstuck and out of your own way.

Break The Rules Conference

Breaking The Rules is about taking what you already know, building on it, and changing what’s not working for you right now. The core theme of the conference is connection. It is through greater connection that you build better relationships, attract more of the right clients and make more money.

Of course there are rules and principles to running a successful business and we will share these at the conference, but you also have to know when to break the rules, when it’s time to stand out, stand up for what you believe – this is what others connect with.

Impact Made E'sy

Most people have some idea what they should be doing to promote their business – yet they never quite get round to it. Knowing what to do and understanding how to do it are just a small part of your success. Your excuses, are the big part. In the end success comes down to what matters the most, your success or your excuses.

Impact Made E’sy is the system you need in place to create your own presence in your market space. It helps you to get clear about what matters, how and where you show up and how you convert contacts into clients.

Spreading The Word

As well as our own events, Lynda is a regular speaker at business conferences and events around the UK. She believes you often need to hear something several times before you acknowledge it, let alone take action, particularly when it is scary or new.

Being able to connect directly, in person helps you to get the messages that are relevant to you. People have so many talents that often stay hidden because they lack confidence or conviction or simply knowing how to get out there – We’re on a mission to change this – to challenge what you accept for yourself.

Lynda Says

“I believe we all have a huge amount of untapped potential – if we could just get out of our own way!”

There is so much business support, marketing training, and offers to make you rich available that even when you recognise you need help it can be difficult to choose where to go. I believe that until you have your internal communication and mindset working for you much of the skills training has limited impact. In fact, many of my clients refer to me as the ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way Coach’

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